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Win free tickets to Developer Summit 2022 and have fun on the field! – IT Pro -. plans

The Tweakers Developers Summit 2022 is almost now approaching: June 23, 2022, it’s time, at DeFabrique in Utrecht. In this article we show you what you can expect on the court – say the fair floor. In addition to all the main keywords and classes, there is a lot to do in the various stands on the floor, and you can score all kinds of goodies.

Partners offering KPMG, Jumbo, Police, Schuberg Philis, NS, Prodrive, Capgemini, DDA,, Rijksoverheid, Aegon, F5, KPN, OutSystems and ASR all have their own platforms. Plus, the Tweakers themselves are of course present to talk to you. You can read more about it in the article below and… We’re giving away tickets! No winners? Don’t worry, there are still a few tickets on sale.

Of course the keywords are interesting and you should not miss a number of keynote lectures. But in the middle, just walk around the field to look at – or have a conversation – one of the many companies helping make Tweakers Developers Summit 2022 possible. For example, you can talk to people from, KPMG, F5, KPN, Capgemini, and the police, among others, to exchange ideas about anything and everything.

DDA Saves the mind bend A mobile text-based adventure gameCall BE-1337 The day you walk in from a back-end developer at an agencyN Self-taken, self-designed Technology arcade cabinet Along, Prodrive show himself AGV robot And the KPN regulating a Writing Challenge

In the position Egon Immerse yourself in a veritable virtual reality experience that literally rises: visitors can walk virtually but lively on a wooden plank toward the ‘cliff’. During the virtual reality experience, your heart rate and stress level are measured. This will undoubtedly provide enough material for discussion afterwards.

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Tweakers and Food and Beverage Kiosk

The Tweakers will be on the field with this year’s stand. Product owners, developers, and editors listen to visitors, for example to hear what can be improved on the website. Editors Moderate Conversations and Community Manager Moonsugar is also present.

Visitors are provided with drinks and food throughout the day. Lunch is traditionally one of the highlights and between different sessions you can catch up Schauberg Phyllis Nice cup of coffee, made by a real barista. At the end of the day, we will conclude the event as usual with a drink to discuss in a fun and objective way.

You have a chance to win Developers Summit 2022 tickets five times and bring a +1 with you!

Tweakers Partners has prepared a fun promo: We can give away five tickets this week! Would you like to win a free ticket to this event? Then click on the survey below. Who knows, you might even get a free ticket. And because visiting with a friend or colleague is always more fun, you can bring +1 for free. Cards won may not be exchanged for tickets already purchased.

*Winner will be announced on Friday 17th June.

Did you win any tickets? This is how you buy regular tickets

Regular tickets (€299) are still on sale, although the end of the pile is fast looming. If the employer pays for the tickets, then of course an invoice will be attached to the management. Personal data is not shared with partners.

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top development

Look here for Tweakers’ privacy policy:

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* We follow government policy on COVID-19 for events in June 2022. If the event cannot be held in June due to any actions, your ticket will be refunded.