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Winner of the Noordoostpolder Light Challenge 2021

Winner of the Noordoostpolder Light Challenge 2021

HeereNVEEN – Thursday, April 14th, was the final of the fifth edition of The Light Challenge. This design competition is organized by the municipality of Heerenveen under the theme “Glowing Nature” in cooperation with the municipality of Almere.

Ten student teams competed to honor and give substance to a new lighting concept for public space. The Noordoostpolder team design was the winner.

Aldermann Heidwich Rinks of Heerenveen Municipality: “I am amazed by the wonderful designs! Students were able to translate their ideas into useful concepts that can be easily applied in public spaces.”

successful design

The winning concept is a bioreactor with fluorescent bacteria. The body is fed by residual heat from, for example, sewage, gym, swimming pool or human heat. The team also studied the further development of micro-ecosystems as products within the luminescent algae and bacteria. The conclusion is that this is a complex process, but certainly not impossible. Glowing nature is optimally applied in this and is a new form of lighting for the future.

Innovative and innovative

According to the professional jury, the Noordoostpolder team has more committed to the mission with Glowing Nature than all the teams. The team presented an innovative and innovative product that has every chance for further development and economic feasibility. Thus, the concept rightfully wins the Light Challenge 2021 edition. All designs can be seen until October at the Floriade World Expo 2022 in Almere.

Application in public

Six concepts from previous versions of the Light Challenge have now been implemented. A number of concepts from this edition are also expected to be implemented in the city for which it was designed. via social media and You can follow the progress on this.

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light challenge

Heerenveen is the founder and organizer of the National Light Challenge for Innovation. The design competition was first held in 2011. The challenge challenges student teams to come up with innovative sustainable lighting concepts for public spaces together with the business community, governments and end users. Hereby strongly taking into account the fundamental value of darkness. This connects the light in the public space with nature, technology, science and biodiversity.

This year, Almere, Heerenveen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almelo, Drachten, Harlingen, Leeuwarden, Nordwestpolder and Delftsee Haut participated.