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Winners Paradise is looking for the returning Personnel on VTM from Zanzibar: 'What a poisoned gift' (Showbizz)

Winners Paradise is looking for the returning Personnel on VTM from Zanzibar: ‘What a poisoned gift’ (Showbizz)

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Manage your resort. It’s been a dream of Heusden Zolder’s Eileen Weiss (30) and Thomas van den Bosch (30) of St. Niklas for years. Thanks to VTM Heaven is looking for employees This dream is very close. The couple won and were allowed to run Zanzibar in Zanzibar for a year. But the adventure is already over. “What a poisoned gift.”

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They were convinced they would come in second, but at the end of March you can see how Thomas and Ileen started their VTM program on VTM. Heaven is looking for employees win – win. In it, six duos competed for a job in Heaven: managing the Zanziblue Resort in Zanzibar. Travelers from Heusden-Zolder and Sint-Niklaas have already seen much of the world, including Zanzibar, and shared a big dream. “We have been together for nearly nine years now, but we have dreamed of running our own guest house for seven years now. We have done different jobs over the years to gain as much experience as possible.” In Zanzibar they can gain more experience. “Now we are really working to realize our dream. This program has shown us that we can achieve great things.”


The plan was to work on the island for a year, but just before leaving, the couple had already talked in our newspaper about a longer stay. “Owners talk about two to three years. We live from day to day. We take every challenge that comes our way with both hands and then we will see how it goes. So we won’t set a time frame here yet, but we have already started with one year.”

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On April 4, the real adventure began. Eileen and Thomas board a plane bound for Zanzibar. But it looks like they’re back on the air after a month. “What should have been a beautiful story turned into a nightmare,” Thomas wrote on Instagram. “Everything is sold in Belgium and in full Cravings Leave for Zanzibar. A month later we booked a ticket back home ourselves. What a poisoned gift. So many empty promises, inhumane treatment and above all, what a toxic working atmosphere. We are currently still waiting for a refund of €1,300 for the departing flight. I waited a year and a half for an empty box.”

In the same letter, Thomas also shares some wise lessons he learned from this experience: “Never get paid for your work. Never allow yourself to be used as an object or a marketing ploy. Never let your bosses underestimate you, making mistakes is allowed. Promises are promises. Be Always be yourself and enjoy life.”

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