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Xbox outage prevents some players from releasing digital titles

Xbox is experiencing issues that prevent some players from playing cloud games, playing digital games, and making in-store purchases. to me Xbox status pageThe outage began around 4:00 PM ET and the company is currently working on a fix.

“We understand that some users may not be able to purchase and play games or start Cloud Gaming sessions,” Xbox Support He said in a tweet† Our teams check in. Follow here and on our status page for updates.† †

This latest set of issues follows a massive outage that lasted several hours from Friday evening to Saturday morning. Some players were unable to start Cloud Gaming sessions, play digital games, make purchases, or even access streaming apps, including Netflix and Disney Plus.

Although the Xbox It seems to solve these problemsIt seems that the problems of the store, digital titles and cloud games are starting to appear. as my colleague Tom Warren notesIf you are affected by the outage, you can still Currently playing When you have your Xbox Like the “main” console† Xbox Support also says Restarting your Xbox console may help.

Update, May 7, 5:45 p.m. ET: Updated to add that restarting the Xbox console may help resolve some issues.