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Xi-Putin summit: "China and Russia want stability in a chaotic world"

Xi-Putin summit: “China and Russia want stability in a chaotic world”

It is well known that both countries are disturbed by the hegemony of the United States over the (Western) world. This was also reflected in the beginning of their conversation, when television cameras and other journalists were briefly allowed in.

The Russian president denounced US attempts to create a unipolar world. A world dominated by the United States. Xi promised that China would play its role as a superpower alongside Russia. “China and Russia want to achieve stability in a chaotic world,” he said.

Putin sees an important role for the tandem of Moscow and Beijing in “ensuring global and regional stability”. The Russian president also said he wants to strengthen the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. He sees the SSO as a reliable alternative to regional and international organizations that are dominated by Western countries.

The fact that Russia is currently creating chaos does not fit the two countries’ narratives. China has never condemned or classified Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an invasion, fully in line with the Kremlin’s guidelines. During their meeting, Putin stressed that Russia highly appreciates China’s “balanced position” on the “Ukrainian crisis”. He understands that China has “questions and concerns” about the conflict. Because while China has never condemned the invasion, Xi is very bored with it.

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