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You shouldn't make these 5 mistakes if you have a small living room |  MyGuide

You shouldn’t make these 5 mistakes if you have a small living room | MyGuide

slackNot everyone is blessed with a big home. However, a small living room doesn’t have to feel small, provided you don’t make these five well-known mistakes. fascinate It shows how to make a room appear much larger than it actually is.

1. Too dark

Decorating a small living room starts with the basics. For small spaces, the following always applies: choose a light color palette. Light colors keep the space open and airy. Dark colors can make a small room appear smaller and more clogged. So choose a light floor instead of a dark floor and also choose a light color on the wall.

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2. The whole is colorless

As mentioned earlier, a lighter color palette works well in a small living room, but that doesn’t mean you should banish all colors completely. Choose a 60-30-10 rule to apply color while maintaining balance. In short, you can choose three colors one of which affects 60% of the area, the other 30% and the third color 10%. The last color is also known as the accent color. Maintaining this rule, you make the small living room more expressive.

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3. Small is not always cute

A small living room does not necessarily require small furniture and accessories. You probably can’t fit an XXL corner sofa in it, but avoid overloading (small) furniture and accessories.

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Choose a few cool pieces, a sofa and a coffee table that suit you perfectly. This way you ensure calm in the room and it doesn’t look crowded and cluttered. The latter can make a small living room look smaller and busier.

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4. square effect block

Make sure to break a straight line with round furniture. So don’t use too much furniture in the same shapes to avoid block box effect. In addition to the fact that round shapes cut through straight lines, they often also save a lot of space. For example, you can sit at a round dining table more than at a rectangular one. The same applies, for example, to a round coffee table; This gives you plenty of space to move around in a small living room.

5. Light obstructions

A small living room often equates to low light. Cherish the natural light that falls into the room by not reducing the incidence of light. So don’t crowd the window sill and choose a pair of airy curtains instead of heavy ones.

Heavy and stifling furniture can also disrupt the occurrence of light. For example, choose a sofa on legs and a simple coffee table with a good base. Or choose glass furniture.

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