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You will be immediately assisted in the Student Support 'living room'

You will be immediately assisted in the Student Support ‘living room’

“Living Room” under construction in Avans on Education Street in Den Bosch

Do you have a question about your well-being, do you want to do something extra within Avans or do you want to make an appointment with a student advisor? As of this school year, you no longer have to wait to be able to make an appointment, but you can go directly to the Student Support “living room” in Breda and Den Bosch. The professionals are there all day and will answer you directly.

The spaces that Student Support has used since this year are the spaces where only the Student Information Desk staff were sitting. Students who have questions for help can make an appointment with the Dean for example. “But before the student made an appointment with them, they were two weeks into it,” says Amber Teitoller, head of the Student Support Project. That has changed with the new setting. Students entering the room will now find several Avans staff with different expertise in a central point. For example, there is always a student dean, but there may also be study advisors, peer coaches, someone from the International Office, or a sexual health advisor.

positive things
”They immediately help you search together is a must. conversation, set up a follow-up appointment; Everything is possible in space. We want to answer sixty percent of the questions right away, and then refer you or make an appointment,” says Tetoller, who then points out that you can also go to student support to get positive things done.

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‘Especially when you’re in good shape and have space to yourself You are welcome to develop. To follow the beautiful lectures, doing business, after a Honors Program Or to contribute to social and sustainable initiatives: You can arrange all of that, too,” continues the Avans employee.

The living rooms at Education Boulevard in Den Bosch and at Hogeschoollaan in Breda are open daily from 8:30 to 16:30.

Living room
In the near future, the rooms will increasingly be furnished as a comfortable “living room”. This should ensure that the minimum for students and staff with a question about a student’s welfare, development or supervision is as low as possible. And so there are carpets on the floor, a bookcase, you can sit on the sofa and there is coffee and tea. “Come on, we’d be happy to help you,” Tetoller says.

Living room From supporting students at Education Boulevard

By being physically and visually present at the University of Applied Sciences, Titulaer and her colleagues hope that students will be able to find them at an early stage. And not just when something really upsetting happens. Then we can work preventively, rather than curatively, with the other parties. Every student can come to us with small or big questions.”

Tetoller says students and staff already know where to find a meeting place in the first few weeks. So her first impressions are positive. “But students need to know more about the existence of spaces. We also like them to think of us. What do they need and what are their desires? It could also be facility related.”

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Do you have any tips or suggestions regarding the space? Then you can send an email to [email protected] You can also use a file website visits.