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You'll soon be able to go on Twitch

You’ll soon be able to go on Twitch

We do it constantly on TV, but not so much in other places: staging. You could say that Tinder is also kind of a takedown, you just can’t go back there. Twitch has created a mix of the two, because now you can zip across channels.

channel changer

Twitch It offers Channel Switcher, where you get previews of all Twitch channels to discover any new broadcasts. If you’re looking for something to watch, but aren’t sure where to start, I used to rely primarily on what Twitch put on the front page. Or you had to come up with the research yourself. The new functionality ensures that you can move through all kinds of channels without thinking, until you realize: Hey, this is fun. After that, you can start following this channel and you will know when it is broadcast again thanks to the push message (unless you don’t want to).


In a world of increasing “demand”, many people are looking to find new forms of entertainment. Netflix also has a kind of “remix” feature, where they play a TV series or movie for you based on what you’ve watched before. Nice, because sometimes it’s hard to think of where to look if you want to see something new. Although Netflix manages this quite well with its library offering, it’s less intuitive with Twitch.

You can now go the old-fashioned way until you find a channel to your liking. It’s still in beta, but it’s likely to be successful. Just because you don’t see any ads or ads in your kickoff session. For TV zappers, this is always an annoyance: If you zap the clock, you know you’re going to be treated commercial after commercial. Fortunately, many TVs show the program that starts after the advertisement, but of course you don’t keep the advertisements consciously. The smart choice from Twitch to channel changer To be ad-free.

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go cute

You have 60 seconds in the Channel Switcher to determine if you find the channel interesting. Then it switches to the next channel. Right now, only a few people can try it out, after which it will be taken offline in mid-July to see if it actually happens. Hopefully, though, the question is who exactly will go through this kick-off job. Is this just posts, or could it be anyone?

It seems to be a logical choice to choose “everyone”. TikTok also does a great job with its For You page, where anyone can join any video and make it go viral at the same rate, instead of just making the people who already made it more successful.

It’s great to give everyone a shot at fame, although at the same time the question is what kind of streams you’ll watch: are these the genres you usually watch, or is Twitch also trying to push you out of your comfort zone by, say, showing you a hip-hop song? deejay stream while watching only Minecraft streams always? No doubt this will be further embodied in Twitch analysis, but the new feature seems to be very welcome.

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