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Youtuber Acid used to bully: "I looked like Dumbo" |  showbiz

Youtuber Acid used to bully: “I looked like Dumbo” | showbiz

“Since the age of thirteen, I practically grew up on the Internet, so soon I was subjected to unpleasant criticism for my appearance,” Acid began to have a conversation with De Morgen. “At the time my teeth were still crooked – after I had a stone I also lost my front teeth – so that was the first point of ridicule. I was called half a cancerous tooth. Then I was called by the names of wearing braces. It’s funny that I used to look like Dumbo. It was I have two large, floppy ears, but because I’ve been wearing my hair against my ears all this time, you can’t see it. When I was 12, this was fixed with surgery. However, no one bothered me about it.”

And it didn’t make him insecure either. “Although I’ve had negative comments about my appearance for years, I have never felt insecure,” he says. “I quickly learned that hate speech, anonymous via a cell phone or computer screen, is written quickly and that people would never dare say such a thing to my face. I know it comes from jealousy, so she can’t touch me.”

Acid now spends a lot of time in the gym. He is proud of his body. “When I do a lot of sports and take my shirt off in front of the mirror, I sometimes think: Damn, I can be there. I’m not arrogant, but I’m grateful for my genes. Some are unlucky with it. I’m proud of my torso, shoulders, and the position of my nipples. While many people struggle to lose weight, I have to try to keep feeling hungry in order to gain enough weight. Soon I became very thin.”

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