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Zara Home launches collection with Flemish architect Kanye West: 'My furniture fits every living room' |  Nina

Zara Home launches collection with Flemish architect Kanye West: ‘My furniture fits every living room’ | Nina

Award-winning Belgian architect and interior designer Vincent van Duysen (60) will launch a line for Zara Home tomorrow. The set contains twenty items and will be available worldwide. With this said, the Flemish designer is invading many ordinary living rooms, although you can not easily blow a guy. He is a designer and a good friend of rapper Kanye West.

Vincent van Duysen: An unknown name in the world of architecture. His office is located in Antwerp and focuses on large projects, such as elegant residences across Flanders. But Van Duysen also designs elegant buildings all over the world, from New York to a residential tower in Saudi Arabia. And yes, Kanye West’s private home is also on his registry. The latter is even a good friend of his.

Best birthday gift

And it doesn’t stop there: Van Duysen is an interior designer, too. From the modern coffee service of the Belgian designer brand Serax to the famous ‘Pablo chair’ from B&B Italia. In 2016, he also became the creative director of the Italian luxury brand Molteni & C. Only the collaboration with a “fast fashion” brand like Zara was not on the list yet.

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An item from the Vincent Collection at Zara Home. © Francois Hallard

Even now, because his 60th birthday seemed a fitting moment. “I felt ready to rethink my physical and mental records. To analyze my own DNA and apply it to Zara Home,” read a press release. For this collection, the architect looks back on the last 30 years of his work.

What best describes the style of our fellow Lokeren? A look at his Instagram page quickly reveals a lot. Van Duysen has a minimalist design with earthy tones close to nature. And this Zara Home collection is no different.

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From sofas, benches and stools to desks and lamps: the collection has it all. They are pieces with a high zinc content. In addition, it also radiates luxury. “All products are designed to stand the test of time. It is a clear antidote to the single-use culture that has been embraced for so long.”

Zara Home: Is that stylish enough?

What do the elements have in common? It is a reflection of the earlier Van Duysens homes. “It feels like coming home: dimensions, sensory aspects, looks and Feel It all reflects my work,” explains the architect. “My DNA fuses with Zara Home.”

Francois Hallard

© Francois Hallard

Of course we know that the Spanish brand Zara is very accessible, but they have already worked with the best brands in the world before. It is the first time they collaborate with an outdoor designer for a furniture set. “My furniture pieces fit in any type of living room, anywhere in the world,” Van Duysen says.

The collection will be launched online on June 30th. You will also be able to purchase parts in some Zara stores. It is not yet known how much you will pay for it, although according to the “New York Times,” the pieces start at $299, or about €282. We give you a preview below. Shop for them!

Francois Hallard

© Francois Hallard

    Frederic Vercruis

© Frederic Vercruis

    Frederic Vercruis

© Frederic Vercruis

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