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Zeeland announces Nazomerfestival 2022 programme

In the monumental setting of the Grote Kerk Veere, the festival will open on Friday 26 August with the Dutch premiere of Vlaemsch (chez moi), a new show by choreographer Sidi Larby Serkouy. It is an honor for Zeeland Nasomerfestival that an internationally renowned choreographer has chosen this venue and festival to premiere.

Serkoyi was not the only premiere at the ceremony. Theater producer Sienne VanMele plays his play ZEMAAL for the first time on Dutch soil. At the Hansa Marina in Wilhelminadorp, a boathouse has been converted into an underwater arena that hosts a cooking show. Theater company Touki Delphine directs the premiere of Machine with Nora Fischer, Joachim Badendorst and a former agricultural mill-potting machine. Near the shipyard Stichting Behoud Hoogaars in the port of Vlissingen, where old fishing vessels are revived, history and reuse of old equipment come together.

Theater producer Koen Verheyden has spent the past few months in residence at Zeeland’s Theater Production House, researching the history of slavery in Zeeland. During her research, she came across the story of Leonora, an 18th century enslaved woman. This research, which he conducted together with actress June Yanez, with the help of Angelique Duijndam, the Jeeves Archief, Getty Cody Zeeland and the Jeeves Maritime Museum, forms the basis of this ‘work in progress’. Leonora plays in the studio of the theatrical production house Zeeland, which functions as a church during the story.

night guard
In addition to these premieres, there is much more to enjoy during the nine days when the Zeeland Nazomerfestival rages across the province. Playwright and writer Marjolijn van Heemstra shows the value of night and darkness in our living environment through his performance. A night watch is experienced while walking in the De Mandeling (Middleburg) and Nollebos (Vlissingen) nature reserves. A classic of modern dance, the grand dame of Dutch contemporary dance, Christina de Chatel’s Fault, comes to the Théâtre de Mait in Kos for the first time. And the festival hit of 2022, Drei, vier, flirt mit mir by Het Zuidelijk Donneel and Club Gwald (directed by Sarah Moremans) can be seen at the ZNF at the Poppodium De Spot in Middelburg.

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And then there’s the music! Both the Abdijplein and Vrijbuiter festivals are free to visit this year. At Abdijplein, the public can be surprised by exciting live music performances in an intimate setting, from pop to jazz, classical to Dutch. The project is developed in collaboration with Poppodium De Spot and Podium ‘t Beest. The lineup will be announced in August. Vrijbuiter takes off again. This year the tjalk is the stage for musical guests and the public can enjoy evening music performances from nine different ports during sunset. Every evening curators Peter Schlager (BLØF) and Brother Dielman gain new musical friends.

The Zeeland Nazomerfestival is produced by theater production house Zeeland and takes place from Friday 26 August to Saturday 3 September at various locations across Zeeland. Tickets are now on sale. More information: