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Zeland wants to contribute to 225 additional welcome locations for refugees

To reduce the burden on the application center in Der Abel and the asylum centers in the Netherlands, there is an urgent need for additional reception spaces that have now been contracted out. The Federal Agency for the Welcome of Asylum Seekers (COA) struggles with capacity issues, meaning there is always no room for newly registered refugees. They are sometimes forced to sleep in chairs or on the floor.

This is due to the low number of beneficiaries leaving a home from the asylum seekers’ centers and the higher number of arrivals than taken into account. In the absence of suitable housing, this flow will not start.

According to a spokesman for the VRZ, it is too late to say where refugees will be welcomed in Zealand. Municipalities, under the coordination of the head of the VRZ, will discuss how they should feel welcome. The tourist season also complicates matters, a VTZ spokesman said in a statement: “But of course we are doing everything we can to take advantage of the opportunities we have.”

The 225 additional emergency camps in Zeeland and the 7500 makeshift housing to be added across the country are expected to temporarily solve capacity problems. In exchange for assistance from security areas, the cabinet provides thirty officers for a region that coordinates receptions. COA arranges medical service.

Refugees are currently being held at four locations in Zealand.

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