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10 vacations and 7 city trips for wine lovers in 2022

Let’s assume that next year the Chronomy will be extinct and we can travel again without much worries. Here is a selection of 10 vacation spots and seven city breaks for wine lovers

1. Alto Adige / South Tyrol, Italy

Photo Courtesy J. Hofstätter Wines

One of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and it is not far away. Located deep in the Italian Alps on the border of Austria and Switzerland. The capital, Bolzano, is the perfect place to embark on your Dolomite wine adventure. This is where the North and South meet – German, French and Italian grapes, Austro-Hungarian architecture, alpine culture, all glowing with Italian spressura. Aldo is a type of adiz. And the wines too! You will find unique local grape varieties not found anywhere else (such as shiva and lacrine), set against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks and sun-soaked squares.

2. Western Cape, South Africa


Where else can you find penguins, baboons, lions and flags all in one stone? Located at the southern tip of Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, the Cape Winelands are a must-see. Cape Town is a great place to visit important vineyard areas. Cape Winelands is all within an hour or two of Cape Town.

It is also one of the places where the old and the new meet, and it is one of the most diverse and beautiful parts of the world. Wine enthusiasts will discover everything from the world’s most popular sweet wines to fresh and wonderful zen planks and the big, bold, tonic Cabernet Sauvignons.

3. Wala Wala Valley, USA

Photo courtesy Spring Fence Vineyard

Washington State is the second largest wine producer in the United States. Wala Wala Valley is a treasure trove for those who love dark red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, including Chira and Merlot. Located on the far eastern edge of Washington, the Walla Valley Valley crosses the Oregon border and produces wines in both states.

4. Napa Valley, USA


The most famous wine region in America for good reason – this is California’s response to Bordeaux; Great, bold and exciting. Napa Valley Wine Tourism Invented – This, combined with excellent food (by American standards), excellent amenities and California style you can not go wrong. A rapid flow north (by American standards) from San Francisco takes you to the Napa Valley near San Pablo Bay.

5. Mendoza, Argentina

Photo courtesy Wines of Mendoza

The second highest mountain range in the background is enough for you to visit Mendoza, but if you’re looking for something a little different, let Juicy Malbeck show you the way to Mendoza. Mendoza is Argentina’s wine-producing powerhouse in the foothills of the Andes, 1,000 kilometers west of Buenos Aires.

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What happens when you combine height and experimentation? Some of the most interesting and unique wines in the world. Yes, Malbeck is king here, but you can find some great sardones, chiras and cabernet francs. Mendoza (our) is best visited in winter. High yields are available in March and April.

6. Bordeaux, France


May be the best wine region in the world producing some of the best wines in the world. Bordeaux is a must-have for any wine lover, as it is a kind of pilgrimage to see firsthand what is the most followed wine region in the world. Located in the Atlantic Ocean 500 kilometers southwest of Paris, France, Bordeaux is a vast wine growing area for exploring and discovering the world’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends that have influenced winemakers around the world. In addition, Saturnus also has wonderful rare sweet and white wines. Add to that the magnificent gastronomy, history and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is impossible to postpone the pilgrimage to Bordeaux.

7. Southern Chile

Photo courtesy Villa Senor Wines

The Bío-Bío, Itata and Malleco valleys are located 400 kilometers south of Santiago, on the road to Patagonia, east of Concepcion. Here you will find some of the most beautiful vineyards in Chile. This is where winemaking in Chile begins, and some interesting and exotic wines come from here. Mention may be made of the Great Pies, Karignan and Moskadel, as well as many natural and tanned wines. In addition, it is a beautiful and very welcoming place.

8. Moselle, Germany


It does not always have to be far away, and the Moselle Flemish people know. But the area continues to fascinate, and even those who have been there a few times, will always find something new – on the electric bicycle, for example, the Moselle Valley has now been completely converted to bicycle-friendly. Between Trier and Cobblens you can find the world’s steepest vineyards and many palaces. Germany’s oldest wine region has a lot of experience in producing the best Riesling in the world. Climate change and the avoidance of very sweet ingredients have given Moselle wine a new quality wine.

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9. New Zealand

Photo courtesy Hawke’s Bay Tourism

It’s far away and it’s not clear where the infection will go – but let’s just say things get better. It is best to visit throughout New Zealand, but go to Auckland and Wyhake Island, Hawks Bay and Martinboro, and Marlborough and Queenstown on the South Island. You will find Sauvignon Blanc, but also the best Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Syrah in the world. Along the way: beautiful mountains, sandy beaches, fjords, lonely islands, active volcanoes. It’s like visiting the whole world, but within one country.

Margaret River, Australia

Photo courtesy South Australian Tourism Authority

Yes, this too is far from everything. Even Australians feel that the Margaret River is far away. The nearest town is Perth, a 3 hour drive north and is already considered the most isolated city in the world. Going is hard but you may want isolation. The beautiful Indian Ocean meets the world-famous Cabernet Sauvignon, the boutique wine factories that produce Chardonnay and Chavignon. Yes, kangaroos hover between the flags here.

7 city trips or short weekends

All of these can be easily reached on a short flight (or Peon not on a very long car journey):

1. Peon – Beautiful city in Burgundy – In this majestic city you will drive to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as you eat and drink well.

2. Porto – Walk through several warehouses for wine tours or through Kwai in Vila Nova de Gaia and taste all kinds of ports and dry, unrefined wines from Toure.

3. Jerez de la Frontera – Ideal city for access to food, culture and wine. Great to visit Botany, to taste the finest wines and to enjoy the Andalusian culture.

4. Florence – The main city of Tuscany, this beautiful area you can enjoy everything that a city can offer from this masterpiece.

5. Barcelona – Barcelona is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Catalan and Spanish wine culture, as there are some iconic wine areas around the corner.

6. Harrow – If you like Rioja, Harrow is your home site for exploring this iconic area.

7. Catania – The active volcano erupts over the city of Edna, but it is also home to some fantastic Sicilian wines.