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10th of the month

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You may be familiar with the phrase ‘10th of the month’. But maybe not. There is a 10th State Lottery draw every month, and if you play, after a few days, with luck, 5 or an incalculable amount will be credited to your bank account. The ridiculous amount, known as the ‘jackpot’, is also likely to be transferred by the lottery organizer. Of course, as a lottery participant, it’s good to occasionally dream about that ridiculous amount of money and think about what you are going to do with it. I also dream about this sometimes.

To help you and me straight from your dream: A wise man once told me that he had won more than me without participating in any lottery. I have checked the personal records of the last 10 years and I can fully agree with him. But hey, he can not dream that one day an absurd amount will be credited to his account. He dreams about other things again.

Now suppose that on the 13th or 14th of the month, your banking processor shows a balance with a significant number of digits before the decimal point. What now?

A list of charities and family members I will never forget is ready. A fun day with friends on fast cars will certainly be arranged at the Jantword Circuit, and a day will be arranged at Neiderhein to drive rally cars with the same group. Another house? Probably. Another visit to New Zealand? I think so. Another car? The Porsche 911 GT3 that I had been dreaming of for a long time should come. Speaking of Porsche and Dreams, I once dreamed that I could test drive the 944. I left my parents’ house, with a bridge open on the first right. I do not know why, but I drove and got up after hitting 944 water. It is exactly 511 meters test drive.

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But the ridiculous money is not over yet. What else is there to dream about? Yes, you will almost forget, but there is also that great entertainment, rally games. Countless people at the rally asked me if I would take part in talking about my best hobby. With an impressive bank presence, isn’t it time to make sure the answer to the frequently asked question is ‘yes’ and participate in the rally? But with which rally car? There are many attractive cars for sale online. One is faster than the other. What I liked about the ads was that it never mentioned that the car belonged to an old woman who drove very carefully. Apparently no one falls for it when it comes to a rally car. Of course the choice falls on a Ford, which alone I am not yet sure of.

It would be nice if a car could attend the rally I sponsor. Huge ‘trolley’ on both sides of the beautiful car. Then during my home game, Zuiderzeerally. It may be time for Kevin Upring to run this ad passage at high speed through Boulder and the areas around it. There may still be an R5 rental somewhere. A Ford, of course. I already hear George Clooney say ‘anything else’.

It is good to dream of what you can and will do with ridiculous money. Maybe stop dreaming and lotteries are a great idea. In some rally cars a very small sticker is possible much earlier. Maybe it’s good that I’m starting to dream about it.

Text: Trola