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Stekker will leave the 'Room to Live' platform as of June

Stekker will leave the 'Room to Live' platform as of June

The 'Room to Live' platform in Helmond will cease operations as of June 1. The platform was launched in 2021 to combat social division in the city. Several initiatives have now been developed by city specialists, with the result that the Ruimte voor Leven mission has already been completed.

The mission began in 2021 Living space. With the aim of addressing the social division in Helmond. In recent years, a lot of work has been done to intensify cooperation between business, healthcare, government and the social sphere. And with success, because many initiatives were launched. Like Strong at Work, Maatjescafé Helmond, Gezond Mierlo-Hout, Money Worries in the Workplace and Saving Energy, you do it together. This means that the Space to Live mission was a success. “We have achieved our goal. Now is the time to adjust our course,” says the Living Space Initiative group.

There is no longer a clear role
According to the initiative group, the business community meets on different occasions and on different topics. At the same time, Helmond Municipality is working hard on preparing a proposal and action plan to use empirical knowledge and experience. “With all these initiatives, Room to Live Helmond has achieved its goal. This means that there is no longer a clear role for us. This does not mean that our mission stops. Because we want every person in Helmond to give, take and take the space to live in. So that everyone can Share.”

Brainport to each other
The initiators – Elkerliek Hospital, Huijbregts Group, Helmond Municipality and Senzer – still support Ruimte's goal to Leven. “Because this is also happening elsewhere in the region and because we can make more profits with a regional approach, Helmond Municipality is joining Brainport for Each Other. Here, social organizations, governments, regional municipalities, education and companies work together so that everyone can participate in our community.” , regardless of origin or level of education.

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Keep seeing each other
The Space to Live platform will be shut down on June 1, 2024. “If you would like to continue meeting each other, you are more than welcome to our LinkedIn group,” the initiative group says. “It's great to see how many wonderful initiatives have started from Room to Live and are still going. We therefore sincerely hope that people will continue to work to combat social division. We are right to be proud of our beautiful city. Together we can make it even more beautiful for everyone in Helmond.

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