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19 cases of admission to the Belgian hospital due to salmonella in Ferrero

19 cases of admission to the Belgian hospital due to salmonella in Ferrero

Salmonella infection in Ferrero can already be linked to 62 cases in our country. Many young children were hospitalized for several days.

On April 8, the FASFC revoked the license of the Ferrero chocolate factory in Arlon. All Kinder products produced there have been withdrawn. This happened after dozens of people in various European countries and the UK were infected with salmonella, which has been linked to the Arlon plant, among other things, through genetic research of salmonella strains.

A few weeks ago, there were 29 infections in Belgium. The FASFC increased that number to 62 on Friday. “No significant increase in the number of infections is expected,” it seems.

Of the 62 cases, the provincial health services were able to reach 44 people. “Nineteen of them have been hospitalized for one to five days,” says Helen Ponty, a spokesperson for the FASFC. Their average age was six years, with the oldest being 47 years old. The main symptoms remain diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever. Children are often sicker.

A full cleanup is currently underway at the plant. Ferrero last week submitted a request to suspend production June 13 to be able to restart. If the company is given the green light, it is followed by a three-month trial period and then an evaluation. “The impact has been massive,” says Agriculture Minister David Clarenvale (MR). ‘Especially for many of the company’s employees. We are working on a quick reopening, which will be very positive news for the company, employees, and candy lovers.

An investigation is also underway at the Public Prosecution Office of Luxembourg. No further explanation there.

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