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RM (BTS) announces their new album "Right Place, Wrong Person"

RM (BTS) announces their new album “Right Place, Wrong Person”

Even though the seven members of BTS are currently serving their mandatory military service, fans are still overwhelmed by the new content. For example, RM's new album will be released next month. The album was called “Right Place, Wrong Person” and it teased the rapper and BTS leader for months.

Since the last members of BTS began their military service in December 2023, the group's fans have already received a collaboration, a single, a documentary series, a music film, and an album from the group members. And now another album has been announced.

“Right place, wrong person”

We've known for some time that RM was immediately working on his next solo album after “Indigo.” And now it has been officially announced. “Right Place, Wrong Person” will be the second official solo album from the BTS leader, who also released the mixtapes “RM” and “mono.” Released. A few months ago, RM opened a new Instagram account under the name @rpwprpwprpwp. So this was a reference to the title of the new album.

“Right Place, Wrong Person” will consist of 11 songs, covering “some universal feelings that we all experience at some point in our lives.” An example that is immediately given is feeling like an outsider and not belonging.

The official announcement describes the album's genre as “alternative, with a rich sound, combined with frank and honest lyrics.”

Watch the official trailer for “Right Place, Wrong Person” here:

“Right Place, Wrong Person” will be released on Friday, May 24. You can pre-order the album starting tomorrow via the Weverse store.