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1994 Star Wars: Tie Fighter Fan Remake Released After Ten Years In Business – Games – .Geeks

TIE Fighter Total Conversion has been edited. It’s a fan-made remake of Star Wars: TIE Fighter, a game that originally came out in 1994. The new version has new graphics, improved gameplay, and even VR support.

TIE Fighter Total Conversion was created based on the X-Wing Alliance upgrade project. That is, it is not the original 1994 game that forms the basis of the remake, but its successor, Star Wars 1999: X-Wing Alliance. TIE Fighter has been completely recreated in this latest engine and thus received gameplay improvements as well as a graphical upgrade.

The entire campaign and all TIE Fighter missions have been recreated in a new edition. Additionally, the TFTC includes a modified campaign, with larger battles. This consists of 37 missions in total. The soundtrack has been revamped, but the original midi soundtrack is also present. Since the new version runs in the X-Wing Alliance, there is also VR support. It was already added to that game with the upgrade project.

if TIE Fighter Total Conversion To play, a copy of the X-Wing Alliance is required. The game is available on Steam and GOG. Also , X-Wing Alliance Upgrade-mod installed, after which TFTC can be added. The makers of the remake say fans have been working on it for ten years.

TIE Fighter Total Conversion
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