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1st country Norway is too big for Red Flames in World Cup Qualifiers: 4-0 |  sports

1st country Norway is too big for Red Flames in World Cup Qualifiers: 4-0 | sports

red flameUnfortunately, the Norwegian women also knew it was necessary. The flames were set on the wall. It will tremble until the playoffs, at the end of next year. The Red Flames do not fit into the top group in Europe and are looking for the back door to the World Cup.

One from Rick de Seidler: “What do you do about it?” Always useful if you are superior.

Sixth minute. Here they are again. Guru Bergsfand’s header rolls into goal through Tesiak’s foot. Vangelo stood very far from his wife.

The fire was largely absent from the start. missed again. Here and there someone raises a sign: They are drowning. Nikki Everard is good. Saves another difficult shot from Outland. Nothing can be done against the speed of collection and technique. Norway hardly stops in the central region. I caught fire through it. Vanhevermaet gets a yellow card for throwing the ball away in frustration after a foul.

Norwegian women panting your neck, putting you away, running fast, playing straight. Wallart and Graham Hansen exchanged slogans before the game. They hugged each other because they had a history together in Wolfsburg. Anyone who has looked closely into Walert’s eyes over the past week has clearly seen that “Norway is better” there all along. The Biesmans let Caroline Graham Hansen get the ball. At full speed you make everyone give way and the ball hits the net hard and high.

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Flames are always ambitious and that’s noble. Norway is very ambitious.

In the 17th minute directly, Cayman converts the ball in front of the goal. Wijnants is heading. First Belgian goal attempt. In the first half, Norway scored 11 attempts on goal.


50th minute, the built-in soccer game plan is working again for a while. De Kenny hits the post. Nice pass by Yarn Tullings. The youngest in the group appears only for the second time. She has barely 5 caps at the age of 19.

Norway makes it 3-0. Elizabeth Terland ran offside. Still counted without the VAR. Engin makes 4-0, through Eliano and Tysiak. Evrard prevents the fifth. Written by Caroline Graham Hansen. Clap replacement!

It is now crucial for the Flames to win at home against Poland in November. If that doesn’t work, we have to question everything. Second place is at stake. Aspirations must align with what our first team deserves. This week the draw will be held in Manchester and we will know the opponents in the European Championship next summer. The Netherlands, the Olympic champions could be Sweden and Iceland. It won’t be a party.

Norway – red flame: 1-0 Bergsfand, 2-0 Graham Hansen, 3-0 Tyrland, 4-0 Engin

Accommodation: Evrard, Vangheluwe (Eurlings), Biesmans, Tysiak, Philtjens (Iliano), Vanhaevermaet, De Caigny, Teulings (Vande Velde), Cayman, Wullaert and Wijnants (Minnaert).



Wallart: ‘We missed the key moments’

Tessiak, Efrar Wallart, National Coach: None of them wanted to be so strict and stare at the score. “We missed the crucial moments. Despite the 4-0 score, this was one of our best possession matches,” said Tessa Wallart.

In French, she admits: “This was amateurs versus professionals.” It’s very strict there. National team coach Cernells also looks for the big difference: “Norway has 23 football professionals to choose. We are also students or working full time besides football.”

The reality according to Cernells: “Fast back, corner kick, first-class flash, offside goal and deflected ball. And chances are for Wijnants, Wullaert and De Caigny.” Steps are needed at a professional level.

They will start again in November. Armenia and Poland at home.

“We’re only in four games,” concludes Amber Tysiak.

4-0 and was awarded for first place. Mathematically not yet. Don’t leave anything behind now. They all seem to know what to do. But against Norway, no, the class difference was too great. They all admit it.

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