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20 years after 9/11: The United States commemorates the bloody attacks you can expect from the VRT NWS

Finds out today New York A Memorial Ceremony Where the names of the victims are read. President of the United States Joe Biden will visit the planes involved in the plane crash.

On Can the memorial service be followed directly from the film 2:45 p.m..

On Radio1 Is there 2pm to 5pm. An additional broadcast “Today’s World” In which foreign journalist Bert de Vroy, Announcing from Washington a few days after the 2001 attacks, comments on the New York Memorial Service. He also shed light on the consequences of the attacks.

Even “today’s world” speaks for itself Louis MichaelWith the Foreign Minister and during the attacks Nadia FodilAbout how the lives of Muslims changed after the attacks.

Further VRT NWS-Reporter Björn Soenens He moved to New York immediately after the attack. He has been living in the city for five years now. He will continue to ask us Radio news broadcasting And inside “News” in one.

Bjorn Sonens and a Web light As for the VRT NWS, he personally looks back at the attacks, but considers the consequences for the United States and the world. She spoke to Laila, who lost her husband Pete in the attacks 20 years ago.

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