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4 tickets to the latest virtual reality experience in Eindhoven

Yes! You can now embark on an adventure completely free and do nothing in one go VR-experiences From Park Playground in Eindhoven! We can give 4 tickets, so book today. Who knows, you may soon go on a mole hunt in New Zealand, hunt down zombies in The Hollow or free the hostages in The Dave!

No LaserWest and Paintball: What you want to do this summer is virtual reality at the park!

Want to experience an unforgettable VR experience with three other people? It will definitely take place at the Park Playground in Castaஞ்சo. Play arcade games first, then choose one of the four Experiences In thirty minutes, you can roam freely in a virtual world: Fight Zombies with the best weapons in The Hollow, rescue K3 women from Egypt, unleash de Mole in beautiful New Zealand, or free hostages on The Day.

Park Playground now offers 4 tickets especially for those nearby. You can beat them!

How do you participate?

Very simple. Please post below. You will automatically get a chance to win one of those four tickets and subscribe to the Eindhoven Newsletter. Best of all, you always know about the best news and stories from your city. Are you already receiving the newsletter? Above! Even then you can simply participate in advertising. Don’t worry, you won’t get the newsletter twice.

You can participate in this ad until Thursday, June 17, 2021. Winners will automatically receive a message, after which the prize will be sent.

Interested? Check out the park’s brand movie below

Park Playground Eindhoven

Kastangelan 1b, 5616 LH Eindhoven

Currently open

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