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440 children died en route to Europe

440 children died en route to Europe

At least 440 children have died trying to reach Europe since January 2018. This was calculated by United, a network of 550 NGOs in 45 European countries, which has been tracking since 1993 when people die while crossing into Europe, For example in a border river on the European mainland, in a detention center for migrants, or in the Mediterranean.

In total, the network has counted 9,901 deaths since 2018, 4 percent of which are children. 35 of the dead were infants and 33 were pregnant women. According to campaign coordinator Geert Ates, the numbers are 10 to 20 percent underestimated. Since there is no data available on some deaths, it is difficult to come up with an accurate count. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has maintained similar mortality rates since 2014. It concerns 64 children who have died since 2014 in Europe and 838 in the Mediterranean, but they use more stringent criteria for probable mortality. The IOM figure does not include deaths in custody.

In response to the collective journalist Lost in Europe where Standard(d) European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson promised, in part, that the Commission’s proposed new compact on migration and asylum would provide greater protection for children in transit. (wwo)

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