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5 hidden features of WhatsApp that you may be new to

5 hidden features of WhatsApp that you may be new to

WhatsApp has been one of the most popular apps for both Android and iOS users for years. Not surprising, because it is the way for billions of people to keep in touch with your loved ones. But are we sure we already know the app through it?

Although there are an incredible number of people who use WhatsApp, there are also a lot of people who use WhatsApp Implementation He still has secrets. That’s cool, because after all these years there is still something new to discover. Of course, you need to know where to look.

Five hidden tricks for WhatsApp

Fortunately, your friends from WANT have already done the prep work. In this article, you will find five delicious tricks with which you can make more use of WhatsApp. Some may be more useful than others, but all of them are undoubtedly useful to someone!

1. Call blocking

WhatsApp allows you to contact your friends and relatives. The advantage is that this is done online, so that this conversation is not deducted from your calling minutes. But in some situations it can be annoying to always be reached.

So if you prefer not to be contacted by a specific person via WhatsApp, you have the option to turn it off. Simply go to a conversation with the person in question, click on the name and select the option Mute notifications. You can then choose from 8 hours, 1 week, or always. Then select the option Show notifications So that only calls are stopped.

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2. Two WhatsApp, one Android

It is possible to use one smartphone with two numbers and thus two different WhatsApp accounts. This is useful, although you really need to know how to do it. It is not an official function of WhatsApp.

To handle two different accounts on your Android smartphone, you need an app called Parallel Spaces. This makes it possible to use two personal WhatsApp accounts. If you want to do it at the business level, you can also do it via the WhatsApp Business app. Both apps explain, after installation, what you need to do step by step. But at least you know it is possible and where to look for it.

3. A private reply in a group chat

Sometimes you’re in a group conversation where a friend says something funny or something wrong. You can, of course, choose to reply to the person in that group, but you can also keep it personal. Or just chatting behind everyone’s back. Because sometimes that’s just fun.

You can press and hold someone’s message in a group chat in WhatsApp. Then tap the three dots if you’re using Android (iOS option appears right away) and select private reply. The message from the group chat is converted into a quote and you can then reply yourself.

4. New number, old calls

Sometimes it happens that you will be provided with a new phone number. This usually doesn’t matter much, were it not for the fact that you risk losing access to your WhatsApp history. Of course, this isn’t a disaster for everyone, but it’s nice for some people to have all their conversations with them. After all these years, WhatsApp has some memories to offer.

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It’s good to know that you can transfer your existing account to your new number. go to Settings -> Account -> Change Number. You will then see a screen where you must enter not only your old number, but also your new number. Complete this validation and you’re done!

5. Deleted, but it’s not gone

Everyone now knows that you can delete messages on WhatsApp. What many people don’t know (including the undersigned until recently) is that you can still get them back. For this you need a quick reaction time (up to seven days, so not too bad) and a Windows PC.

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Connect the smartphone to your computer with the relevant WhatsApp account. then open my computer And go to the internal memory of the smartphone. Then choose the folder WhatsApp / Databases and search for msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt. Right click on this folder and select Via Open with -> Notepad. there he is!

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