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5 new features for Android Auto: Waze improvements and more

5 new features for Android Auto: Waze improvements and more

Android Auto can count on new features again. Google announced five new features. This includes improvements for Waze, as well as gaming, work profiles, and dual SIM support.

Android Auto with news

Four new features are being introduced in the Android Auto app. First of all, there is a new feature called “GameSnacks”. These are the games that you can play while standing up. Ideal for example in traffic jams. It should also act as a discouragement to hold the smartphone anyway. In the US, you can also pay by voice at some gas stations. All you have to do is call the “Pay for Gas” command, the pump number is requested and the transaction can be uploaded to Google Pay.

New features for Waze have also been announced. It’s getting a facelift to create what it claims is a simpler navigation experience. There is touchpad support, night mode and support for lane routing. It also puts the map and route description on top, without disturbing the other elements.

The last two improvements can be found in the form of working profiles. This feature has also appeared before, but is now being rolled out. This way you can quickly find the apps that belong to your business, without listing your own apps here. Easy to get everything in one overview. Moreover, Android Auto can now be used with Dual SIM. For example, when making a call, you can select which SIM to use to make the call.

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Android Auto update is rolling out from now on. It may take some time for it to be available to everyone.