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58 people may have received a very low dose of the Pfizer vaccine ... (DIST)

58 people may have received a very low dose of the Pfizer vaccine … (DIST)

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58 people may have received a very low dose of Pfizer vaccine at the Den Amer Immunization Center in Diest in Flemish Brabant on Saturday, April 10. Demerland Primary Care District reported this Monday. In consultation with the Flemish Agency for Care and Health, it was decided that they would all get a third injection, so that they would definitely have adequate protection against the Coronavirus.

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The center’s responsible personnel noticed the problem, explains Evo Deckers, deputy head of the Primary Care District. “There was not enough fluid in the syringes, so very low doses of the vaccine were given. The trained nurses also said they noticed that the syringe did not present any resistance.”

When the issue was investigated, it turned out that it concerned 58 people. “We were able to clearly define the incident, from the time the center was opened to the time it was established. This way we can make sure that the problem will be limited to 58 people.”

These people have now been contacted and booked an appointment to come and have a third injection in June. Use of an extra injection was important: Health care experts and health professionals estimate that the risk of a lack of protection is higher than any harmful side effects.

It was not possible to have additional injections on the day of the accident. Then the doses must come from different bottles, this is not allowed. Moreover, it was also challenging from a regulatory point of view. Some people have already left the house. “

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Deckers assured that necessary measures have been taken to prevent such accidents in the future.