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7 things you're wrong about how people think of you

7 things you’re wrong about how people think of you

We can’t read minds, so it’s just guessing what’s going on in someone else’s head. We often think very negatively about other people’s intentions. Invokes social psychology based on years of research Seven things we see very bleak.

  1. People love you more than you think.
    After the first meeting, the other person is often less critical of you. Will be Like gap It is called: people like you more than you think, and they have a pleasant conversation without drawing all kinds of conclusions about your person.
  2. Talking to strangers is more fun than you think.
    Many people avoid talking on the street, on the train, or in the supermarket because they think it’s not fun. After that it turned out to be a lot of fun and we are much happier than before the conversation.
  3. You overestimate what others notice.
    Is your hair weird or do you have a spot on your shirt? Others may not see it. it will be light effect named. An experience among students wearing an embarrassing T-shirt showed that many of their classmates didn’t even realize that there was a picture of Barry Manilow on their T-shirt.
  4. People judge less harshly than you think.
    Have you been late or forgot someone’s name, have you accidentally said something unpleasant? It may stay with you, and with the other person the overall picture of the conversation will dominate and your mistakes will be forgiven.
  5. People can’t see through you.
    You may think that your face shows that you are lying or that you are bored, but this is usually not the case. In an experiment where participants had to recognize a lie between facts, they were surprisingly unable to do so. that it The illusion of transparency.
  6. People appreciate courtesy more than you expect.
    Feel free to give a compliment often. Others will be happier than you think. We underestimate how much people are willing to receive compliments.
  7. We’re not the only ones home on Saturday night.
    Although people believe that they are better than average in almost every area (intelligence, creativity, leadership skills), they often doubt their quality of social life. Research shows that most people think that other people go to parties more often, have more friends, and have a wider social circle. Social media exacerbates this fallacy.
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