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837 km on a single battery charge: this car beats Tesla left and right |  Leader

837 km on a single battery charge: this car beats Tesla left and right | Leader

Lucid Motors has been promising an electric car with a particularly large driving range for several years. Now their “air” numbers are official and did not deceive the confident company. The 933-horsepower Lucid Air is turning the car world upside down.

Lucid Air officially travels 837 kilometers according to the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency. This US equivalent of a WLTP test cycle usually results in a calculated range that is lower than the standard used here, so the range could be higher here.

The model, which will also be available in Europe from 2022, is clearly superior to Tesla’s current model, the Model S Plaid. According to the same EPA measurements, that vehicle has a range of 637 kilometers.

Lucid entry-level model travels 650 kilometers

But not only Tesla beaten. The EQS, the top electric model from Mercedes which according to WLTP measurements has a range of 780 km and is therefore the current record holder, is also losing out to this American luxury brand.

The top model is the 933 hp Lucid Air Dream Edition. Below you’ll find the 800-horsepower Air Grand Touring, which by EPA standards has a driving range of 825 kilometers. The 620-horsepower Air Touring reaches 650 kilometers. The same is true of the “entry model”, the 480-horsepower Air Pure.

Deposit 900 Euro

In 2022, the Lucid brand should also be on sale in our country. From when exactly is still not clear. For 900€ you can make a deposit for pre-booking. The selection consists of a standard aircraft Air and Touring (80,000 euros) and Grand Touring (120,000 euros). The higher version of the Dream Edition is not yet available here.

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