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9 amazing pictures of galaxies

9 amazing pictures of galaxies

Over the years, space telescopes have sent many extraordinary images of distant galaxies back to our home planet. Some of the main figures are millions of light-years away, others can be seen from Earth using a telescope or – with a little luck – with the naked eye.

Amazing pictures of galaxies

What about the cart wheel system? By combining images from four space telescopes, we obtained a color image of this ring-shaped galaxy. Or the Black Eye Galaxy, which gets its name from the dust bar that can be seen in front of the bright center of the galaxy in a Hubble image.

See beautiful images of nine galaxies below.

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As Director of Digital Content, Kevin is responsible for National Geographic's digital channels. In his free time, he likes to go to places that bus tourists prefer to ignore, such as the Belgian ghost village of Doel, Iran or the unrecognized country of Transnistria. His best adventure was a train trip from North Korea to the Netherlands, and he recorded the most delicious cakes on the way in Mongolia.

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