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A 14-year-old son attacks his mother for refusing to pay him

On Wednesday, March 24, police at the New Nicki Bureau found a 14-year-old suspected MD and arrested him at his home address in Van Bettenbolder. The young man, who is unmanageable, allegedly assaulted his 48-year-old mother several times, the Suriname Police Corps said.

On Monday, March 22, the mother filed a statement alleging that her young son had attacked MD. He told police his son was unruly and repeatedly attacked himself when he did not want to pay. Thus, he strangled her until she announced, throwing in her direction everything she could see at that moment.

His behavior on March 22 resulted in injuries to both hands of the mother. Tired of MD’s behavior he reported it to the police, who later arrested him. The unruly son was taken to the police station for arrest.

MD, admitted to beating his mother and not wanting to go to school anymore. The juvenile suspect was arrested after Surinamese consulted with the public hearing Police say.

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