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A designer has been appointed for the Boterhalle Diksmuide event

A designer has been appointed for the Boterhalle Diksmuide event

There is progress on the new Boterhalle file. The advisory committee judged the various designs submitted and provided advice to the mayor’s council and members of the municipal council. Diksmuide City Council now designates Tab Architects as designer. In the coming months, the design will be more aligned with the wishes of the city council.

Design begins at Boterhalle’s new event hall. Designs were submitted to the Advisory Committee on October 26, 2020. The Advisory Committee was more enthusiastic about the design of Tab Architects bv. The design brings an architecture that relates to the environment, but has its own character and provides a contemporary response to the current urban integration of an architectural program. The design is logical and modest. A building with a distinctive, strong and distinct identity. The challenge is to contain such a large building at the same time, to make it invisible, in the complex urban fabric. The new event hall will be an extension of the public space and form a link between the Grote Markt and the cultural site.

Competition design

The architects created a large room of 600 square meters that you can convert into two smaller rooms. There will also be a spacious reception hall and foyer. At the same time, the new volume succeeds in continuing to build in the spirit of the current environment in addition to being distinguished by its refinement of austerity. The reception areas on the ground floor open up to the surroundings with large triangular openings in the fa├žade, in reference to the many vertical towers in the area. Respecting and enhancing sight lines in historical heritage is an important starting point in design.

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The Boterhalle will have an underground parking garage with capacity for around 40 vehicles. Since a number of program parts are provided on the first floor and in the underground part, additional outdoor space is created around the building. Additional attention has been paid to the sound quality of the building, the noise emissions into the environment and the noise of incoming and outgoing visitors.

A designer has been appointed for the Boterhalle Diksmuide event

An ideal location for our club life

This architecture project is in line with Diksmuide’s vision to open up the new Boterhalle as a cultural, vibrant and dynamic community venue in the city center, targeting events for all target groups.

Boterhalle would be the ideal location for, among other things, youth and club life. It will serve parties, shows, exhibitions, dining parties, lectures / debates, engagement moments, New Year’s receptions, … the new image of the site, inspired by the existing architecture and at the same time with a strong new identity, will enhance the look of our city. Just zoom in.


In the coming months, the design of the competition will be coordinated more with the wishes of the city council. The intention is to obtain an environmental permit by the end of this year so that construction can begin next year. If everything goes according to plan, Boterhalle could be ready in the first half of 2024.

New action

Building a new Boterhalle has been on the agenda for quite some time. In 2018, the Boterhalle dossier was discontinued when the Single Candidate exceeded its proposed budget in its bid. The majority of the new board of directors fully reviewed the file and changed the construction program to the construction of a ballroom and car garages with a budget of 3,630,000 euros. They abandoned the integration of housing into the construction.

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Architects Tab

Tab Architects is an architecture firm in Ghent, founded in 2016. Both directors, Tom Debaere and Bert Bultereys, have more than 10 years of experience with renowned architects. In 2019, they are selected as Promising Young Designer by Ghent City Architect. Tab Architects is currently working on prestigious projects such as the Jewish Museum in Belgium, a new art and galleries site in Kortrijk and a large high-rise residential development in Vaartkom in Leuven.

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