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A former R. Kelly employee testifies to the singer: ‘Girls weren’t allowed to leave their room’ |  showbiz

A former R. Kelly employee testifies to the singer: ‘Girls weren’t allowed to leave their room’ | showbiz

FamousIn the lawsuit against R. Kelly (54), the victims of the American singer did not speak only. On Friday, a former Kelly employee gave his word in court. Anthony Navarro worked for Robert Sylvester Kelly, the artist’s real name, from 2007 to 2009, and in those two years, the singer’s former assistant has obviously gone through a lot.

During his testimony in court, Navarro asserted that Kelly had a list of rules for the girls and women who stayed with him. For example, they had to ask permission for almost everything and were never allowed to leave their room. Anthony Navarro also had to make sure the girls didn’t start to wander. “When they were in a place where they shouldn’t be, you had to inform the singer or the director. They weren’t supposed to walk around everywhere. They weren’t supposed to leave their room.”

While Anthony was working for R. Kelly, he did what his boss told him to do. Although he didn’t always feel comfortable about it. “I felt really uncomfortable about certain things. It was really unreal. From the moment I passed through the gate, it was like entering another world.”

Victim Recruitment

Moreover, the singer’s ex-employee said that Kelly did not allow him to talk to the girls. He also had to occasionally transport R Kelly’s “girlfriends” in the American singer’s Lamborghini. “They all looked very young. Sometimes there were teenage girls,” Navarro said. Anthony also confirmed that the singer was actually recruiting girls in public. For example, distribute his phone number at his parties, but also in shopping malls or in restaurants.

In addition, the singer’s former assistant once saw on camera photos how two teenage girls tried to escape. Anthony said in his testimony that they jumped over one of the fences next to the house and then ran together. From time to time, the singer also allowed some girls to “voluntarily leave.” “When they were finally allowed to leave, he gave them an envelope full of money.”

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