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A French network operator is asking for less electricity now that it's so cold |  Abroad

A French network operator is asking for less electricity now that it’s so cold | Abroad

French network operator RTE has called for less electricity to be used now that it’s exceptionally cold at this time of year.

RTE warned that the situation could be tense Monday morning regarding the balance between electricity consumption and production. “RTE reminds that any person (companies, homes or organizations) can make a contribution by adjusting electricity consumption during the expected peak consumption, between 6 and 12 am,” it said on the website.

France has to contend with frigid temperatures: At nights from Sunday to Monday, the country recorded its coldest April night since 1947, with severe nighttime frosts in several places. Temperatures dropped to record levels in Mourmelon (-9.3 degrees), Châteauroux (-5.6 degrees) and Vanness (-3.2 degrees).

Energy consumption

Those cold temperatures put power consumption at 71,346 megawatts at about 9:15 a.m., lower than the peak of 73,000 megawatts predicted by RTE. Meanwhile, consumption has fallen again, to more than 66,000 megawatts at 11.30 a.m., according to the RTE Eco2Mix real-time website. France’s energy production is typically 65,000 MW, and according to RTE, France can import up to an additional 11,000 MW.

France’s power grid is under stress this winter, after several nuclear reactors shut down due to maintenance or corrosion problems.