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A homeless man wins 37 thousand euros in the lottery and explains how he will spend the money  News

A homeless man wins 37 thousand euros in the lottery and explains how he will spend the money News

Gianluigi, a 47-year-old Italian beggar, feels like the luckiest homeless person in the world. Thanks to his lottery win, the man suddenly had a fortune of 37 thousand euros. “For me, that’s a lot of money,” he says. “I feel rich.” He’s making a lot of plans for the future.


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11-27-23, 16:13

Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, tg24

Gianluigi is a 47-year-old homeless street artist from Bari. In October, he bought a €1.50 sobrinalotto from a newsagent in the coastal town of Senigallia, Marche. He won 37,045 euros. “I sometimes gamble with small amounts. I was lucky this time,” said the homeless man.

However, the man did not have the required documents to deposit the amount into the account. He even had to borrow 50 euros from a friend to complete the procedures. Then it took another month for Gianluigi to have his money at his disposal this week. After deducting taxes, about 30 thousand euros remain. He has already repaid the borrowed amount of €50.

Warm bed in the hotel

The last few nights he spent the night in a warm bed. “I got a room in a cheap hotel,” he explains. “Because even though I have money now, I have to be frugal. It goes by quickly and I don’t want to end up back on the street.

The man says that he has clear ideas about how to spend money. “First of all, I want to rent a house,” he says. “I hope I can settle officially here in Senigallia. I also want a bicycle and I will get my driver’s license so I can move around independently and visit my mother.

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Looking for a job

Gianluigi says he is also looking for a job. It appears that this will be necessary to make ends meet when the lottery money runs out. “It’s not a life-changing amount of money. But for me – I didn’t have anything – it’s a lot of money.” He continues to play the lottery. “I have now won three more times, which is a good amount for €200,” said Gianluigi.

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