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A magical journey underground

A magical journey underground


Luca Calderon

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves New Zealand presents a breathtaking landscape. Glowworms or Arachnocampa luminosa, also known as fireflies, emit a bioluminescent light that turns underground caverns into twinkling starry skies.

A geological and biological adventure

Visiting the caves is a geological and biological adventure. The Stalactites and stalagmite formations Create a surreal setting, while the light of the glow worms provides a unique view of underground life..

What are we crazy about?

Sailing in total silence on a boat under a canopy illuminated by glow worms is an unforgettable experience. The silence of the cave, with only the sound of dripping water, creates an almost mystical atmosphere.

3 activities not to be missed

  1. Travel by boat: Cruise through calm waters and enjoy the sight of glowworms walking above your head. An experience that is sweet and enchanting at the same time.
  2. A walk in the caves: Explore the different chambers of the caves on foot and learn about the rock formations and underground environment.
  3. Speleological discovery expedition: For the more adventurous among us, the caves offer more in-depth and playful explorations, occasionally including abseiling and underwater swimming.

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