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A man found missing in a dinosaur’s leg in Spain

A man found missing in a dinosaur’s leg in Spain

Catalan police are investigating how a 39-year-old man who had been reported missing for some time in the leg of a dinosaur arrived. This prehistoric animal decorates a square in Santa Coloma de Gramment, Barcelona province.

On Saturday, a dead body was found in a dinosaur’s leg, a decorative piece in the Santa Coloma de Graminette. The man was equally dead and in a state of decomposition.

The body was found by a father and his son who had been playing regularly with the dinosaur and noticed a strange smell and reported the police. Ultimately, the firefighters had to help free the body from the leg. So they had to see their leg open.

The Catalan police have now launched an investigation but have not found any traces of a crime for the time being. It is believed that the man himself climbed a dinosaur. At the top there are some holes so it may have fallen into them. “We suspect he once dropped his cell phone and tried to retrieve it. He supposedly fell head down. He may have lost consciousness in the process. He was completely stuck when we found him,” the police said.

The dinosaur is a decoration on the Cubics building on Avenida Francesc Macia in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, near Barcelona. It is forbidden to climb on it.