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a map.  New orange areas on the European map, Portugal and …

a map. New orange areas on the European map, Portugal and …

The colors of travel destinations in some places change as quickly as traffic lights. Crete turned orange, and large parts of Spain and Portugal turned red. Who wants to take a long trip: Canada, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are turning green.

Every Monday, FPS Foreign Affairs updates Belgian travel advice, based on the European coronavirus map. The new red color code will take effect on Wednesday. Information can be found at this site.

Large parts of Spain (except for the regions of Galicia, Castile-La Mancha and Melilla) and Portugal (except for the Azores, which remain orange) turned red, which was already evident on the European map of travel destinations at the end of last week. It will remain so. Belgians who go on vacation there should take this into account.

The map with travel destinations, which FPS Foreign Affairs adjusts each week, has more orange areas again. Crete (Greece), Prague (Czech Republic) and Groningen (Netherlands), among others, are colored orange. Also in Scandinavia (for example in Denmark and Sweden) there are a number of orange spots.

Latvia is turning green again. Just like Luxembourg City.

Those who want to take a long trip can, for example, go to Canada, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Thailand, where it is green, so that everything is possible there again.

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