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A model apologizes for her bare breasts in front of her husband

A model apologizes for her bare breasts in front of her husband

A model who was photographed topless while standing next to Jack Brooksbank last weekend has apologized. Erica Pelosini did not consider that the possible photos “do not look right” of the husband of British Princess Eugenie and his family.

Brooksbank was photographed Friday by the paparazzi sailing, swimming and sipping roses with several models off the coast of Capri in Italy. Pelosini was one of those models, and she even took off her bikini top. Her somewhat strange statement in the British newspaper daily Mail.

“I know this wasn’t good for Jack and his family. I felt bad when I saw pictures of Jack, surrounded by three women. Especially since his wife wasn’t there,” Pelosini says. A lot of people jumped to conclusions afterwards, she says. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed Princess Eugenie Jack is like this. It wasn’t appropriate for me to be topless there.”

Her mother-in-law should intervene

Brooksbank’s “party pictures” have been seen by several British newspapers, including daily Mail in a the sun, published. It was hinted that he might be unfaithful to his wife. Eugenie was at home in England with their newborn son August at the time of the photo shoot.

Brooksbank’s mother-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, responded to the matter on Tuesday. According to Fergie, Brooksbank was simply doing his job as an ambassador for the Casamigos tequila brand and tabloids put the photos completely in the wrong context and the story was made up. “I think it’s very important that we make that clear for Jack,” said the Duchess of York.

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