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A neighborhood with influence: A gender-revealing party creates a ‘little earthquake’ |  The best thing about the web

A neighborhood with influence: A gender-revealing party creates a ‘little earthquake’ | The best thing about the web

She totally missed a sex reveal party in America. The blast, which was supposed to reveal the gender of the newborn, was shocked. Residents thought it was an earthquake: “The pictures fell off our walls.”

The accident occurred in New Hampshire. A family threw a gender reveal party at Toromeo Quarry. This is a ceremony in which the gender of the baby is announced. This can be done, for example, by spreading scraps or balloons, for example, the blue color of the boy. However, this family used 36 kg of explosives. According to the family, the quarry will be the “safest” for this purpose.

However, the explosion caused such a great shock that many cities received reports of an earthquake. Neighbors complained to NBC 10 Boston TV about cracks in the foundations of their homes. “The explosion hit the pictures from our walls,” says Sarah Tagleri. “I like a little silly, but this was too intense. It was ridiculous. I don’t have other words for that.”

Fortunately, there were no casualties. The person who caused the shock turned himself in to the police. The explosives were obtained legally. Authorities said they saw a video of the amazing revelation, and it turned out to be a boy.

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Not the first event

This isn’t the first time the sex reveal party has completely spiraled out of control. Earlier this month, a Michigan man was killed when a canister containing explosive dust exploded. Two years ago, a grandmother who was pregnant in Iowa died after shrapnel from a homemade explosive device penetrated her chest.

Gender reveal parties have also caused several wildfires. For example, last year more than 22,000 acres of woodland disappeared in El Dorado Ranch Park in California when a smoke machine was used during one of these parties. A fireman was killed during the intervention. In April 2017, a man in Arizona wanted to show the sex of his child with an explosive: 45,000 acres of woodland were set ablaze, an area of ​​about 65,000 soccer fields.

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