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A third of people think Cabinet takes too much risk to relax

A third of people think Cabinet takes too much risk to relax

Now that the government is announcing significant easing, there is confidence in the government’s approach and we are not too concerned in the short term. But 61 percent fear that stricter measures will be needed again in the fall. This is mainly due to the delta variable. 55% trust the government’s policy. At the same time, concerns about the coronavirus drop to 42%.

“Feeling good on vacation”

This is mainly due to the successful vaccination policy. At the beginning of June, 62 percent had already confidence in the vaccination policy, now that confidence has risen further to 70 percent, the highest number since vaccination began in January.

One interviewee sums up this feeling: “The vaccination is going well, so there are fewer infections, healthcare is breathing again and I’m going on vacation feeling good.”

Stricter measures in the fall

Many participants are concerned about the long term. Six out of ten (61 percent) expect coronavirus measures to be tightened again in the fall.

More than a third (36 per cent) think this will happen mainly due to the advance of the delta variable from India, which is now causing a new wave of pollution in Great Britain.

Youth celebrate on holiday

Half (51 percent) are already concerned about the prevalence of this delta variant in the Netherlands. Now that traveling within Europe has become a lot easier this summer, there is a fear that Dutch vacationers will be back with the delta type.

Young people are especially at risk. “These young celebrants have not yet been vaccinated and will soon return from Spain and Portugal. I do not expect that they will be collectively tested when they return to the Netherlands.”

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“The delta variable knows no bounds”

On the contrary, tourists also come to the Netherlands from countries where the vaccination rate has not yet increased. They can also bring the delta type of coronavirus with them.

“I think it would be stupid to allow travel again so early. We have absolutely no idea who would be doing all kinds of picnics here without a mouthpiece.”