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A woman claims to be the girlfriend of missing influencer Gabe (2…

A woman claims to be the girlfriend of missing influencer Gabe (2…

Gabe Pettito and Brian Laundry got into an argument during their road trip. © rr

The story of the disappearance of 22-year-old Gabe Pettito from Florida becomes even stranger and stranger. Now that her boyfriend and prime suspect, Brian Laundry, is gone, a witness claims she gave the man a lift shortly after Gabe called her family.

Miranda Baker claims on TikTok that in late August she and boyfriend Brian Laundry picked up the missing fiancée of Gabe Pettito, 22, at a nature park that Gabe and Brian visited. Laundry was commuting long distances and offered the couple $200 to ride. He had to go to Jackson, about ten miles away.

Along the way, he told me he had been on a road trip with his fiancée but had been camping alone for a few days while she was working on their carriage. Petito made a living as an influencer and traveled a lot.

“He said he had been hiking along the Snake River for days and that the wagon was in Jackson,” Baker said. Miranda Baker is out with her story only now because she heard the man is missing and recognized him in the photo.

Laundry disappeared without a trace a few days ago. According to the Pettito family, he may have gone into hiding to escape the police. They are convinced that he knows more about the mysterious disappearance of their daughter. Laundry’s parents say they don’t know where their son is.

According to the police, the couple got into an argument in mid-August. What happened next remains a mystery. Sure enough, Laundry suddenly came home alone at the beginning of September and, in his own words, didn’t know where his girlfriend was.

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