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Vrouw betrapt met vals vaccinatiebewijs door domme spelfout (en vliegt daarna de cel in)

A woman was arrested with a false vaccination certificate for a stupid spelling mistake…

Foto: HAWAII Department of Public Safety

A 24-year-old Illinois woman was arrested Saturday for traveling with a false vaccination certificate. The woman was blown away by an embarrassing misspelling: the certificate says “Maderna” instead of “Moderna.” HawaiiNewsNow reports that.

Chloe Mrozak flew to Oahu, one of the islands of the US state of Hawaii, on Saturday, August 23. Upon arrival, all travelers must present a certificate of vaccination or a negative test, otherwise they will be quarantined for 10 days. The woman thought she could escape this rule with a fake vaccination certificate. The woman uploaded the fake document, and was able to enjoy her vacation right away without having to be quarantined.

But it wasn’t long before officials saw that her evidence was wrong. The vaccination certificate stated that she received a vaccine in the US state of Delaware, but officials were unable to find official data. And that wasn’t the only questionable part of the evidence: a misspelling of the “Moderna” (“Maderna”) vaccine also set off alarm bells. The police have been notified.

He was initially unable to track down Merzak, because the hotel reservation she had passed on upon her arrival was incorrect. But the 24-year-old was arrested when she returned to the airport last weekend. The woman is currently in prison, and will not be allowed to leave prison until she has paid a bail of two thousand euros.

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