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Complete News World – Launch of optical sensors

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station carrying three small satellites from Canada’s GHGSAT, which specializes in high-resolution greenhouse gas monitoring from space. All three satellites are equipped with an optical sensor from ABB.

Three optical sensors from ABB GHGSAT help monitor methane emissions anywhere in the world.  (Photo: Spaceflight Lab)

Three optical sensors from ABB GHGSAT help monitor methane emissions anywhere in the world. (Photo: Spaceflight Lab)

With new satellites and technology ABB Can GHGSat Locate and accurately measure methane emissions from any industrial site on Earth. Three new, high-accuracy methane sensors double the company’s ability to monitor customer locations. In addition to the three launched units – Luca, Penny and Diako – ABB is in the process of producing six more.
The area is the only place where emissions can be freely monitored across jurisdictions and may or may not report on improvements. By measuring different locations with the same sensor, emissions are constantly compared. Measurements in space are particularly useful for locations where sensors on Earth are either uneconomical or too complex to deploy.

30 percent

according to International Energy Agency Methane is responsible for about 30 percent of the increase in global temperature since the Industrial Revolution, and rapid and sustainable reductions in methane emissions are key to reducing global warming in the short term and improving air quality.
“Satellite data is essential for stakeholders around the world to take immediate action for a sustainable future. The first full year of commercial operation of GHGSat satellites has confirmed the impact that our technology can have. We are excited to double our capacity and drive the change needed to achieve our goals,” said Stefan Germann, GHGSat CEO: “A difference for our planet.”
“This is an exciting achievement for our team as we see the efficiencies of applying our serial manufacturing expertise to fabricate space sensors that were once essentially one-off decades in the past. Our partnership with GHGSat has led to a paradigm shift in the field,” said Mark Corivu, General Manager of ABB Measurement & Analytics Canada.

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