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And I can’t find a source for your saying that women are less stress resistant than men.

In the social sciences, there is one type of reliable “broad” personality test, which measures 5 personality characteristics,your palm“. Who is this scientific reseach It has been consistently shown that women score higher on two of these five aspects: “compatibility” and neuroticism.

People with higher degrees of nervousness are more anxious, more anxious, less confident, more frustrated, more jealous, feel guilty more quickly, and are more sensitive to stress factors.

The work shouldn’t be difficult at all, if so, then something is wrong with your company culture.

There are different forms of hardness. When it comes to bullying or any other behavior at the expense of others, I agree.

But an open and straightforward culture, where people can honestly say what they think, is often too difficult for the most nervous of people to do. For example, they feel attacked when they are pointed at a mistake they made, while people with a little neuroticism feel much less. Neurotic people often find the expectation that others must be held responsible for their mistakes very upsetting, because they worry that the other person will feel attacked and angry.

In indirect culture, errors are less likely and more often they are discussed with the person themselves. Instead, you are expected to notice that person himself, or those emails of appeal are sent to an entire group (“Please make sure you don’t make this mistake”).

Both cultures have their pros and cons. For example, direct culture takes into account little to no face loss, but is very useful. In an indirect culture, it can happen that someone has been making a mistake for years, which all colleagues notice, but this person never hears.

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Incidentally, bullying and other behavior at the expense of others can occur in both cultures. In an indirect culture, for example, this often consists of gossiping and subtly excluding others. Indirect bullying behavior.

The question is, of course, whether indirect culture works less well in business. Today, competition is fierce and consumers are demanding. Businesses are often very complex, where one person not doing their job can get many other people into trouble (or even the entire company).

If so, this does not mean that a woman cannot work. Anyway, the difference in neuroticism is just a difference between the average man and the woman. There are also a lot of neurotic men. I think these guys are already taught by our culture, which doesn’t like neurotic men, to adapt as much as possible and, if that’s not possible, to accept that the culture isn’t perfect for their personality.

The same could then apply to women. The result of working in certain professions or in certain jobs may be that they have to accept a more direct culture, which women often do not like.