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Adele first reacts to the hype over her African hairstyle: ‘Karma really got me’ |  Famous

Adele first reacts to the hype over her African hairstyle: ‘Karma really got me’ | Famous

FamousAdele, 33, knows that over a year ago there was an uproar over a photo of her wearing African buns. In a recent interview with Vogue, the singer addresses this issue for the first time and says she understands that people have been offended by this kind of cultural appropriation.

In the now much-discussed photo on her Instagram, Adele twisted her head from her hair into a twelve so-called bandeau bun, a hairstyle that was originally worn by the peoples of Central and Southern Africa. It was not appreciated by many followers. They accused Adele of cultural appropriation, in which a person who is not part of a particular culture allows himself to be measured on elements of it.

“There were comments like: Why didn’t you take it off?” Adele answers now. “I understand, but if I did it would have been like it didn’t happen and it was. I wasn’t aware enough at the time.” After that, Karma had a great relationship with the 33-year-old singer, she says. “It was a haircut that was actually meant to protect the afro hair, but I messed up my hair with it.”

Adele gave the interview to Vogue as she’s back with new music after five years. On October 15, she will release her new single “Easy On Me”. A new album, which may be called “Adele 4”, is expected to follow towards the end of the year.

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