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Adele's Easy On Me will be as inevitable in the future as 'Hello' was ★★★★ ☆

Adele’s Easy On Me will be as inevitable in the future as ‘Hello’ was ★★★★ ☆

The most surprising thing about “Easy On Me” is that it doesn’t surprise you musically.

Be a little careful with me, this is the message Adele is conveying to her new single, Easy On Me.And which appeared on YouTube, Spotify and other streaming services Thursday through Friday nights. The song is the taste of her new album 30 announced on November 19.

The most surprising thing about “Easy on Me” is that it doesn’t surprise you musically. led by piano power song, intensely natural and rich the way Adele can do it so well — almost innocently. song and video
(Watched half a million times on YouTube overnight in an hour), I’m almost blatantly referring to “hello”And Which the singer wrapped up in a previous comeback six years ago. That song also came after a long silence as a prelude to a new album, 25.

Like ‘Easy On Me’ Now, co-written and produced by Greg Kurstein, ‘Hello’ also accompanied a music video, made by Xavier Dolan, that featured Adele calling and shorting.

Adele on Saturday Night Live in 2020.Beeld NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This mansion is now leaving the British pop star. She looks out the window for a moment, picks up her bag, gets into her car with a trailer full of household items, and leaves. The black and white images take on color at the end of the clip, just as in the music, the piano gets help almost imperceptibly from the very subtle bass playback and bass drum.

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This song is dominated by piano, which sounds like Adele sang it all at once. The text begins with some difficulty, with metaphors that seem to come from the self-help book.

There is no gold in this river
I’ve been washing my hands forever
I know there is hope in this water
But I can’t bring myself to swim
When I drown in this silence

The best is the chorus:

Be calm my love
I was still a kid
Didn’t get a chance
I feel the world around me

This is the essence. The singer left her husband and asks for understanding. There’s no fancy in the words because ever since Adele first heard of herself years ago last week, the whole world knows she’s split from husband Simon Konecki. Together, they have a son, Angelo, who turns 11 next week.

The past three years have been tough for the singer, but she has already produced at least one song that will be an imperative in the coming months, like the Hello song that was six years ago. Adele, 33, has nothing to worry about. The world will be careful with her, at least until November 19 when her new album comes out, in which she promises to reveal more about her personal life. In sentimental songs that we hope are equally sober and catchy straight.