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Adobe is integrating an AI assistant into Reader and Acrobat that can summarize PDF files – Computer – News

Adobe is integrating its AI assistant into PDF Reader and Acrobat tools. This will be available later in the subscription model. Users can ask the Assistant questions, summarize documents, merge information for emails, for example, and verify information.

The new assistant, that guy According to Adobe It's simply called AI Assistant, and it can be used as a trial version in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. The program is based on Adobe Sensei. That's the machine learning software behind it as well Liquid mode sits, a tool to improve the readability of PDF files. “The AI ​​assistant is based on Fluid Mode,” according to Adobe.

According to Adobe, AI Assistant can perform various tasks in PDF tools. For example, it can suggest questions to users based on the contents of a PDF file. Users can also ask questions themselves via the chatbot interface. The assistant can also provide a summary of the document and this is possible quotes To create specific sections. The Assistant can also create navigation links, summarize, and format specific sections for use in emails, presentations, or reports.

The Assistant is still free to use in beta, but only for individual Acrobat Standard and Pro customers or users with a Teams subscription. In the future, Assistant will become a paid add-on, but Adobe has not yet said how much it will cost. Adobe says that third-party language models are not allowed to train on Adobe data, but not whether this applies to its language model.

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Adobe plans to add more functionality in the future. This includes the possibility of allowing the assistant to work across multiple platforms and assist in preparing documents, for example, Tone of voice Or adjust the length. This is on a future roadmap, but Adobe has not given specific dates.