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After canceling AA Gent's goal: Are "challenges" the solution?  "Then they sleep in VAR"

After canceling AA Gent's goal: Are “challenges” the solution? “Then they sleep in VAR”

Eupen coach Florian Kofeldt: “This is shameful. Enough is enough.”

AA Gent coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck: “We were simply robbed. Really ridiculous.”

Obviously VAR didn't do a very good job last weekend. The disallowance of De Sart's goal against Anderlecht in particular caused a lot of uproar, also about the extra time schedule.

“I'm a supporter of VAR, but it's unfortunate that there is no VAR for decisions like this,” Gert Verheyen said. “Normally this phase will continue as usual.”

Guenther Schepens, sports advisor at AA Gent, also did not understand the decision. “Why is VAR involved here?”

“The referee can actually stick to his decision, but if he is called, you are 90 percent sure he will follow the VAR.”

De Sart, who witnessed a great goal being scored, stated that VAR removes emotion from football. “We have lost the beauty of football because of VAR,” he said. “I completely agree with that,” Yuri Mulder added.

Abolishing VAR is a step backwards. Are other solutions possible?

“I would organize it differently,” Mulder said. “Can't we have 'challenges' like in American football? When a coach throws a red flag on the pitch, only then does VAR have to look at some point.”

“Then they sleep in VAR,” Shibins responded. “And Remer would certainly have thrown his flag onto the pitch when De Sart scored.”

“Yes, but then they just have to look when they're told to,” Mulder said. “Now they're paying attention all the time. They're looking for what's wrong.”

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Not only is American football an inspiration, but hockey is as well. “They should release the call with the VAR. Then at least you know,” said Shippens.

Geert Verheyen, who worked on “VAR: How hard is it?” Who has climbed behind the VAR buttons is also a supporter. “I thought communication was very good. Please let me know.”