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After Evi Hansen's battle with perimenopause: Katja Ritsin presents a podcast about it |  Ltd

After Evi Hansen's battle with perimenopause: Katja Ritsin presents a podcast about it | Ltd

For exampleOn Monday, Evie Hansen, 45, actually opened up about her struggle with perimenopause in a candid Instagram message. Clearly, Evie isn't the only woman struggling with the menopause transition. Presenter Katja Ritsin, 51, decided to tackle the topic through the horns in a new podcast.

Katya announced on Instagram her new project, which will be called Rapid Wild. “I've been searching for answers to all kinds of vague complaints for two years, and in my search – sometimes desperate and restless – I came up with the idea of ​​creating a podcast about this topic,” she wrote along with some photos with her new phone. Companions Anja and Daphne.

“‘Imaired Wild’ is about pre-menopausal women, who seemingly go through a wonderfully long period from fertile to infertile,” the presenter sums up. “This serious drop in hormones can sometimes trigger physical and mental complaints, ranging from dry nasal passages to joint pain to depression. And oh yes, the famous hot flashes of course!” Retsin promises to search for better information and solutions for that difficult period.

Evie Hansen could immediately be seen in the comments, who shared her own experience with perimenopause on Instagram on Monday. “I feel like I'm nervous for no reason,” she testified. “A disturbance in my body, and sometimes a short circuit in my mind. Just as quickly as they appear, they can disappear again. Evie is excited to hear more about it soon on Katya's podcast. “I'm going to need you,” she wrote under Ritsin's ad.

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