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After making the protest, Neil Young: Spotify is worth less than  billion

After making the protest, Neil Young: Spotify is worth less than $2 billion

Spotify shares fell 6 percent between January 26 and 28, according to Variety. The Joe Rogan Experience has approximately 11 million listeners per episode. Young voiced criticism in a now-deleted open letter, stating that the streaming service “helps spread potentially fatal information” and that “they can choose between Rogan and Young, but not both.”

US comedian, martial artist and presenter Joe Rogan reportedly sold his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience to Spotify in 2020 for nearly €100 million. Rogan regularly welcomes guests from the far right, such as neo-fascist founder Proud Boys and alt-right propagandist Milo Yiannopoulos. Those last episodes were removed, among others, after Rogan switched to Spotify.

“We have removed more than 20,000 podcasts related to Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic,” a Spotify spokesperson said. Washington Post. “We regret Neil’s decision to remove his music from Spotify but hope to welcome him again soon.”

Joni Mitchell

After Young, singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell announced Saturday that she wants to remove her music from Spotify. She wrote on her website that she stands in solidarity with Neil Young and “the worldwide scientific and medical community.” “Irresponsible people spread lies that cost others their lives.”

Neil Young in his youth contracted the polio virus, which was virtually eliminated thanks to vaccination. A few years ago, he also removed his music from Spotify, then because he thought the sound quality wasn’t good enough. Later he came back from that: “This is where people get their music.”

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