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After many doubts and limited hub, the machine is running on STVV, will confirmation against KVO be followed? | Football 1A

Football 1aSTVV is running a solid season right now. They are in good eighth place after the win over Standard, and after many doubts during production. KV Oostende will be on the ground on Saturday.

Last weekend (1-2) the beautiful and deserving win over Schleswig was good at Sind-Droydon. They went above the standard via Connaught and Alternate Rites. What impressed me again: it stands like a house on STVV in the back. And after all the doubts in the middle of the season. There are no players on STVV. Boys who want to leave, incoming transfers took a long time. Those who arrived late were immediately fitted, and the machine went. Captain Tony Leistner says: “We have strong defense. Standard scored with a free kick and got another chance through the class. It was good, everyone did what they needed to do. In the second half we played more football and had more of the ball.

Since STVV only played against Standard in the evening (9pm), coach Bernd Hollerbach planned another morning training session. The focus will be mainly on static phases. It also happened against Beershot, when the Drooners won their match as well. “We always do it in Germany, so that’s me,” Leistner said. The match against KV Oostende is scheduled for Saturday at 6.30pm, so an extra training session on match day will not be an option.

Like STVV, KVO took 13 points, good for a tie for eighth place. The Limburgers are in better flow than the Austen. He has not taken 4 of 15 in the last five games, only one win against Beershot and one point against Anderlecht. STVV can face it with 15 out of 9.

Four international

Next week, Hollerback will lose four boys in training. Liberto Caucasus (New Zealand), Tiki Hashioka (Japan), Jonathan Pattu (Angola) and Kyo Pots (Belgium U19) are allowed to represent their country during the international break. For 17-year-old Boats who are still active with the STVV U21, this is the first choice for the national team.

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